Equine Layup and Rehabilitation




Layup and Rehabilitation servicesLayup after an injury or surgery can be time consuming and may require a level of care that does not necessitate boarding at an in-patient Veterinary hospital but is more than you or your boarding facility feels comfortable providing.


We work under the direction of your Veterinarian to provide frequent monitoring, rehabilitative care, bandage changes, and controlled exercise as prescribed for your horse’s recovery.

Jenni Johnson, a hands on owner and manager that provides the majority of the care, lives on the property and has over 25 years of experience in the horse industry including 15 years as a professional horsewoman. Our staff also includes a certified equine massage therapist who is available to provide equine massage therapy to our clients as an added service.
Local transport is available in our four horse head-to-head trailer or our custom built stock trailer. Our stock trailer consists of 2 box stalls and is a great way to transport an injured horse or mare with nursing foal.
Our newly built barn has a variety of stall sizes and safe customizable turnouts to accommodate individual needs.
DSC00408 DSC00409
Our facility includes;
-X-Wide center aisle with 14′ high ceilings
-10′ x 14′, 12′ x 14′ and 12′ x 16’ stalls
-24’ x 14’ and 20’ x 14’ double stalls with views from the office lounge
DSC00391-12 x 12 isolation stall
-Heated tack room with client restroom and shower
-Heated office / lounge with views into stalls
-Double sized hot and cold wash rack with stocks
-50‘ sand and fiber round pen
-All weather runs off 3 stalls with Lighthoof under footing
-Moveable fencing off stall runs allows pens to be configured to a size appropriate to horse’s needs
-Meticulously maintained paddocks of varying size
-Outdoor arena
DSC00106-2-Owner / Manager lives on premises

Wash area at JC Andalusians

We are proud to be supported by Lighthoof Equine Mud management, a company that has helped us provide mud-free paddock areas for the rehabilitation horses in our care.Footing for any equine is important, but it is especially essential to the management of small area turnout like we use in our layup program.