JC Tiziano Photo Albums

JC Tiziano 2012 Photo Albums

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Aida & Wookie
June 2012 – Album

June 2012: Aida is lightly started back in work with Wookie at her side. Ridden in a paddock, Wookie runs free before his first ponying lessons off his dam







Wild Wookie playing in the field
May 2012 – Album

May 2012: Wookie was the middle of 3 foals in 2012. He loves his pasture pals and enjoys playing colt with his brother JC Oro (“Marley”). Click on his album to see this wild boy at play!








Wookie showing off
4 weeks old – Album

Showing off in the paddock at 4 weeks old. Gawky and leggy, one can still see glimpses of the brilliance that will shine through as he matures









JC Tiziano is born!
April 2012 – Album

A future star is born! Wookie’s dam Aida’s first daytime foaling. Click on this album to see Wookie’s birth and first few hours of life in the big new world