Vinha do Vouga



2001 Palomino Lusitano Mare

Our newest addition! Jenni fell in love with this very special mare as soon as she met her. When she arrived in the spring of 2012 she was quite overweight, and had a chronic uterine infection that took us over a year to clean up. Despite some issues we worked diligently to get her in shape and reproductively sound. We are very excited to announce that Vinha is confirmed in foal to Saphiro for a 2014 purebred Lusitano! Vinha is a big mover with nice conformation and, of course, a great temperament. We are anxiously awaiting this golden foal expected April 2014

Vinha has been color tested Agouti dominant palomino (ee AA N/Cr). Bred to Saphiro she will always produce agouti dominant chestnut based foals with either 1 or 2 cream genes (palomino or cremello offspring)

Vinha was imported from Brazil and was brought to the US through the Interagro auction held in Wellington FL each year. She is inscribed with ABPSL and is registered with IALHA. We are working on transfering her ABPSL papers to APSL and plan to present her for APSL revision in the future once all of the necessary paperwork is in order.

News for Vinha

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