Rate Card

2017 Rate card

Foaling out

$750.00 is our foaling out fee which is in addition to mare care board. The foaling out fee includes foal watch, attended foaling, JCA modified imprinting and foal training post birth. Mares are expected to arrive at least 30 days prior to their anticipated due date and stay through mare’s first complete heat cycle. Mare’s arriving late or departing early are subject to additional charges.

Mare care (dry)

$33.50 per day includes full care stall board in large foaling stall. High quality fescue free hay and grain customized to mare’s needs. Private or group turn out. Frequent monitoring of mare in intervals dictated by approaching parturition. “Full care board” ( see below) is available as a monthly rate for mares up until their 9th month of gestation at which time they are considered a Mare care boarder

Mare care (wet)

$39.50 per day includes full care stall board for mare and suckling in large foaling stall. High quality hay and grain customized to mare and foal’s needs. Private or group turn out. Frequent monitoring,  handling and grooming of mare and foal plus short daily training sessions with foal.

Board and Training

TRAINING PLUS BOARD (Paddock Board /  Stall Board ) QUICK VIEW (See below for breakdown of fees and more information)

Young: $895 / $1295

Partial: $1045 / $1245

Full: $1195 / $1395

Foal raising: $745 (see separate drop down menu for this special package)

BOARDING: Boarding is available to training, foaling, young horse and layup/rehab clients. We do not offer straight boarding at our facility but are happy to refer you to other facilities in the area that do.

Full care stall Board $745.00 / month includes full care stall board with private or small group paddock turnout. Stall cleaned daily. Full care boarders are stalled at night during cooler months and during the day with fans in the summer. Quality hay and grain provided and customized to horse’s needs. Feet picked and temperature taken daily. Stallions (or colts displaying sexual behavior) add $150/ month. Short term boarding (less than 2 weeks) is $25.00 / day and does NOT include feed which will be provided by owner or billed in addition to daily board. Layup / rehab and special needs boarding available at a customized rate. Layup boarders please refer to our layup rate

Full Turn out Board $545 / month includes full care turn out board. This package is only available to horses after at least 1 month on full stall board at JCA’s discretion and owner approval as pasture and paddock space allows. Horse’s have free choice access to hay (and / or grass) on full turn out and are grained based on needs up to twice daily

TRAINING: Training packages are in addition to board and include grooming (bathing as needed). Lessons may added on a la carte or substituted for a training session up to once per week

A la cart Training $37.50/ session for boarders ($60.00 trailer in session or lesson)

Young Horse Training (2-3 days per week) Board +$350.00 / month = package of 10 sessions (considered our young horse rate but available to training horses of any age)

Partial Training (3-4 days per week) Board +$500.00 / month = package of 15 sessions

Full Training (4-5 days per week) Board + $650.00 / month = package of 20 sessions



Young Horse Raising Package (Long term rate)

$745/ month includes full care turnout board with stall for individualized feeding and inclement weather, quality hay and grain customized to horse’s needs. Group turn out. Feet picked, and temperature taken daily. Full grooming at least twice weekly. Daily handling with weekly structured training sessions. Available after at least 3 months on a board and training package and/or wet mare care.

Medical / Lay-up

Medical board starts at $39.50 per day and includes full care stall board and customized private turn out (if applicable). Special care (hand walking, wrapping, cold hosing, medicating etc.) up to 20 minutes per day above and beyond normal full care stall board included in base rate. Please contact us to request a quote for additional care based on services required. Quotes are generally calculated at $30 per hour or portion thereof for services requiring more than 20 additional minutes of care daily.

Sheet and Blanket use

$85.00 per season includes seasonal use of JCA’s turn out sheet and blanket supply for growing foals in our young horse raising or training programs. We assume the risk and cost for damage, repair, replacement, routine washing and waterproofing of our own blanket supply.

Clients with mature horses that have stopped growing are expected to provide their own sheets and blankets.

Please note: We allow our young horses to grow their winter coats and only sheet young horses when the combination of cold AND wet weather dictates their use to keep horses dry and comfortable while pastured in inclement weather. Clients boarding during winter months on turnout board who do not wish to participate in our blanket program will need to provide a minimum of 2 well fitted waterproof and breathable turn out sheets and will be responsible for their maintenance


$35 Hook up fee per horse plus mileage ($2.00/ loaded mile and $1.20/ empty mile) Mileage may be split among horses in load at JCA’s discretion. Any horse taking more than 10 minutes to load will be charged our hourly training session fee.