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“Pure-bred Lusitano, Palomino stallion, who got darker as he matured, and whose color, typical of sooty colors, varies with the seasons.Owned by Edith Mueller in Germany (Bavaria). We would like to have her contact information, or to hear from her. We’ve lost touch with her, and don’t know whether she still owns Umbaba. Her name may also be spelled Edith Rödling-Müller.

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“Umbaba was born in 1978 and started his career already at the age of two years when he had been shown to the commission and got puntuacted (?) for stud. In the following years he was champion of various competitions and in the same time very successful in breeding. There are more than 130 descendants in Portugal. He has been trained by Luisa Valenca daughter of the famous Portuguese Maestro Luis Valenca. In 1988 we brought him to Germany and started a everlasting friendship. Umbaba is very strong-minded but combined with a honest and solid character. A good luck gave him mares with equal attributes and therefore they produce foals straight minded. We are very happy about this fact as in 10 years none of our clients had complains. Since four years Umbaba can stay with his family throughout the year and assists his mares in educating their foals and also in this job he is giving his very be.”

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“Umbaba was the chosen mount of riding Maestro Luis Valença and his daughter, Luisa Valença, of the Portugese School of Equestrian Art. Umbaba’s career highlights include three of Portugal’s highest honors: the National Champion of Portugual (1983), and two-time Golegã Horse Fair Champion (1981, 1982). Umbaba is 3/8 Veiga, 3/8 Coudelaria Nacional, 1/8 from Carlos Ferriera de Miranda’s breeding stock and 1/8 from Dr. Alberto Ayres Mateus’ breeding stock. Legacy has a striking resemblance to his sire and has many of the same traits as his full brother, Saphiro.”


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