Why Our Horses?

Besides being beautiful and talented, our horses are chosen for their TEMPERAMENT


Photo: Pics of You

Photo: Pics of You

All of JC Andalusians horses are handled throughout the day. From conception on our foals receive the best in nutrition, handling and all aspects of health care. We have the time to spend with our horses and the knowledge to do it right. This is what we do and we love it!

Sale horses receive the same daily age appropriate and individualized training as our own horses. We do not own or sell horses that cannot be handled by amateurs. All horses in our care learn through basic trust excersises. It takes longer with some horses depending on their previous handling, but this training helps to create a safe, mannerly and trusting companion in the end.

Our horses have been described by many as “little old lady proof” and “bombproof”. We use many of the same techniques used by mounted police when training the basics to all of our “kids”. We always listen to our horses and they in turn listen to us. Our horses are competeing on the “A” circuit in the dressage, hunter and jumper rings. Our young horses are also taken out regularly to USDF Sport horse in hand breed shows and are doing extremely well against the open (warmblood) competition.

We invite you to visit our farms, we know you will love our horses as much as we do!