Foaling Services

For mare owners that want the peace of mind of an experienced equine midwife we offer foaling out service. This is perfect for professionals that are unable to provide sufficient monitoring of the imminent mare, and for mare owners that are uncomfortable foaling on their own, or have their horses at a facility that is not conducive to or does not permit foaling. Foaling out at JC Andalusians is also a great complement to our foal raising and young horse training services.

Ideally your mare will arrive at JC Andalusians at least thirty days prior to their expected due date. This allows the mare to become acclimated to our facility, comfortably settled into her foaling stall, and for us to get to know your mare and her normal behavior.

Mares are foaled out at our residence, and receive constant monitoring in person and by remote video as their foaling is imminent. Lactation calcium testing is used as an aid in determining how close a mare is to foaling, augmenting our experience and regular monitoring.

When the mare foals, we provide quiet comfort and close supervision during a normal delivery. When the delivery is not progressing correctly, we are ready to provide assistance to the mare and to quickly determine if veterinary intervention is needed. Our local veterinary practice is staffed by four veterinarians, the closest living just down the road from our farm. A full in-patient surgical facility is located less than 20 minutes away.

Once your foal is successfully delivered we begin acclimating them to a variety of sensations and situations as part of our foal raising and training program.

We are currently accepting reservations for 2017. Please plan on booking early as space is VERY limited!

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