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Saphiro being collected at ERC


We started out small, with one mare and a dream. For many years we used outside stallions, and still do as we seek to expand and improve our bloodlines. We know what it’s like to open up the big blue container and hope that everything is ready. And we know that breeding can be an expensive proposition, and that the biggest things lost when poor semen arrives are time and money.

For JC Andalusians, a successful stud program means much more than just getting mares bred. It means helping mare owners achieve their goals. We do this in several ways.

Professional Collection

All of our stallions are professionally collected at Equine Reproduction Concepts in Amisville, VA. ERC is one of the leading clinics on the east coast specializing in all aspects of breeding science. Each collection is examined and tested to ensure a proper breeding dose. This also provides us a baseline for each stallion’s performance. Your shipment will include an evaluation form to be filled out and returned by your vet, providing us with details on the quality and condition of the semen when received. Combined with the result of the breeding, this gives us a statistical background on how well each stallion ships and their resulting conception rates. Our most popular stallions reside at ERC during their advertised breeding season. For stallions boarded at ERC you are not dependant on our personal schedules – in fact once your breeding contract has been completed, you will work directly with the staff at ERC to schedule your collection and shipment.

Limited Book & Mare Approval

We only breed to approved mares. Mares are evaluated to ensure that they have no major conformation faults, that they will complement the stallion, and for purebreds that there are no consanguinity issues. A limited number of breedings means a limited number of foals. Your foal will stand out as an elite member of a small group of offspring by our stallions – increasing their value and prestige.

Commitment to Promotion

JC Andalusians believes that the achievements of our stallions in the show ring brings more value to the foals they sire. Promoting our stallions at horse expos, print advertising, and on the web also increases their visibility and demand for their foals.

Promoting Your Foals

We offer exciting promotion opportunities on our website and e-mail newsletter for foals by our stallions. There is no cost for these promotions, and no commission for any resulting sales. We believe that one of the best promotions for our stallions is to showcase their wonderful foals.

A Community of Friends

We love to hear about what our ‘kids’ are doing at their new homes, and so do other owners of foals by our stallions. Updates are featured in our newsletters, website, and Facebook pages. It’s fun to see all the diverse activities the foals are in, and especially to see the enjoyment their owners have. In fact, we feel their stories are the best advertising for what you can expect in a foal by one of our stallions, or from our own breeding program.

Learn More

Visit our Breeding Overview page for a step-by-step guide of what you can expect as a mare owner.

When you’re ready to book to one of our stallions, start by submitting your mare for approval on our Mare Approval Page.

Have more questions? Please contact us. We are happy to talk with you!