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Please read this outline to better understand the process of breeding to one of our stallions, the breeding services we provide, and how we interact with our breeding clients. Please plan ahead – don’t expect to contact us for the first time on a Saturday to receive semen on Monday!

Step 1 – Mare Approval

Before breeding to one of our stallions your mare will need to be approved. We review all mares to be bred to ensure that they are an appropriate match to the stallion in terms of conformation, type, and for purebreds consanguinity. Mare approval also helps maintain a high standard of quality for all foals by our stallions, which enhances the value to all of our breeding clients.

Mare approval is done using our online Mare Approval Form. Please complete one form for each mare/stallion combination you would like to breed. The form also helps us keep track of breeding inquiries by putting your contact info and mare info into one record. Usually we respond to approvals within 72 hours, but it can be longer depending on our farm and show schedules.

Step 2 – Breeding Contract

Once your mare has been approved you will need to execute a breeding contract. Contact us to be sure we are still accepting contracts. If we are not accepting contracts you will be added to our waiting list. Contracts can usually be found on a stallion’s page or you can contact us to request that we email one to you. Signed contracts may be mailed with your payment OR you may scan and email your signed contract if paying electronically. The breeding contract covers the rights and responsibilities for both parties, including details of any live foal guarantee and contingencies in the event of the death or sale of the mare or unavailability of our stallions, etc. Please be sure to read and familiarize yourself with the contract before signing. If you have any questions or concerns with any terms included in the agreement we would be happy to review them with you.

Step 3 – Payment

Your contract is not considered completed until the stud fee is paid in full. Stud fees include a $500 non-refundable booking fee which is due when you sign the contract. The balance of the stud fee (called the service fee) is due at the earliest of a) 2 weeks prior to your first semen request, or b) the beginning of the stallions breeding season (typically mid-April), or c) December 30th if you wish to qualify for the early contract discount.

We breed a limited number of mares each year, and typically have a waiting list. If you have not paid the balance due on your contract by the deadline, your breeding may be made available to the next mare on the waiting list.

Payment may be by check or PayPal. A 4% fee (5% to international clients) is added to PayPal transactions to cover the fees PayPal charges us. Checks must be drawn on a US bank and payable in US dollar funds, and may be subject to a 7 day hold to clear the bank.

If you are breeding to Saphiro outside of his defined season you will also need to pay a transportation fee before requesting semen, as outlined in your contract.

Step 4 – Review Your Breeding Packet

Breeding packets are typically sent within 2 weeks of receipt of payment. We are now sending all breeding packets by email unless a hard copy is requested. We try to expedite paperwork during the breeding season as quickly as we can, often returning it the same day it is received. However, it is important that you allow ample time when contracting to account for up to a 2 week turn around time on your paperwork. Breeding season is our busiest time of year – it coincides with our foaling season and it is not unusual for Jenni to get a week or more behind in the office as she spends countless sleepless nights in the barn!

Your breeding packet will include:

  • A signed copy of your breeding contract
  • A welcome letter and overview of the semen ordering protocol (also provided below)
  • A client file form to return to ERC (the semen collection facility) with your billing information
  • A personalized Semen Request Form to return to ERC with your shipping information

Step 5 – Return your forms to ERC

Send your filled out Semen Request Form and Client file form to ERC as soon as possible! ERC needs these forms on file in advance of your mare’s estrus cycle. Follow up with ERC to be sure that these important forms were received. Semen is not shipped unless both forms have been completed.

Step 6 – Monitor Your Mare

Successful insemination is critically dependent on accurate monitoring of your mares estrus cycle. For those who have not bred with shipped semen before, we strongly recommend that you consult with your vet BEFORE signing your contract. Your vet is in the best position to evaluate your mare’s breeding soundness, and provide you with estimates of the expenses you will incur to check her cycles, perform the insemination, and conduct any post-insemination follow ups. While we are happy to discuss the breeding process, we cannot provide advice for every breeding situation.

When ordering semen, be sure to account for our Monday/Wednesday/Friday collection schedule. If you will need semen for a weekend insemination, you will need to order a Friday collection with Saturday delivery.

Step 7 – Requesting semen

Saphiro is available for collection on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during his designated breeding seasons. During the breeding season, we cannot collect outside of the Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule. Outside of the breeding season, arrangements may be made on a case-by-case basis, but generally will also be on the Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule.

Requesting semen from Saphiro IN SEASON

Once ERC has received your Semen Request form and your Client File form you can make semen requests over the phone to ERC. ERC appreciates knowing when you are monitoring your mare’s heat cycles as a heads up that you will be ordering soon. Please contact ERC no later than your mare’s first day of estrus to communicate your intent to breed on that cycle.




Semen orders will be fulfilled on a first in / first out basis.

Fresh Cooled semen is dosed to include 1 billion progressively motile sperm at the time of processing. As a courtesy, if it is available, a second dose will be shipped.

Mare owners may also bring their mares to ERC. ERC offers attractive packages for mare owners that include ultrasound checks and insemination. More information is available on the ERC Website.

Your semen shipment will include a data sheet to be completed by your vet. Please return the data sheet – it helps us build a long-term record of semen shipments and monitor semen performance over time.

Step 8 – Pregnancy Check

Please contact us and let us know the results of your pregnancy check. We’re breeders too, and know that mares don’t always catch on the first try. If your mare did not get pregnant and you will be breeding on the upcoming cycle please contact us and ERC as soon as possible. If you are breeding to Saphiro during his defined season you can contact ERC directly to let them know your intention to try again. Follow the protocol in Step 7 for requesting semen. If you are breeding to Saphiro out of season you will need to pay the transport fee prior to collection.

Please be sure to let us know when your mare is confirmed in foal. Follow your Veterinarian’s reccomendations for the appropriate vaccinations your mare will need during her pregnancy which will include a series of Pneumabort-k and pre-foal boosters.

Step 9 – Foaling

YEA! That long awaited day has come and your new foal is born. Congratulations! Be sure to let us know so we can update our breeding records. We’ll send you a breeder’s certificate once you let us know that your foal has met the definition of a live foal as defined in our contract (generally our contracts allow for a 7 day LFG).

Register your foal! All foals by our stallions are eligible for registration with IALHA. Depending on the breed and registration of your mare you may have several other registry options available to you. Even if you never intend on selling or showing your foal please consider registering it.

Breeding back? You can start the process at step 2. Remember, we offer returning client discounts!

Step 10 – Keep in touch!

We love seeing what the kids are up to, where they’ve been, and they fun they have. Selling your foal? Let us know so we can feature them on our website and newsletter at no charge to you. Use our Offspring Submission Form to send us news and pictures.