News Flash! Saphiro will be residing at the Hyperion Stud Stallion station for the 2016 breeding season! Check back for updated information coming shortly!


Saphiro is a 15.3h 1999 APSL Approved Cremello Lusitano Stallion. He has a solid build with substantial bone and excellent type. Saphiro has a huge overstep at the walk, strong topline, lofty movement and a rocking canter that is a dream to ride. His profile is classically baroque and his temperament, of course, exceptional!

Saphiro is Agouti dominant color tested cremello (eeAACrCr with no grey) so his cream gene will be expressed on his foals (cannot throw smokey black). His buckskin, palomino, and double dilute offspring have more to show for themselves than just their golden coats. They are excelling in all disciplines including Dressage, jumping and working cows!

As a young stallion, Saphiro was the Champion of the Portuguese Jr Stallion class at the IALHA Nationals (Now a National Championship class). As a mature stallion he was undefeated at the 2009 ERAHC Classic breed show, including winning the Sr Stallion class (and recipient of the gold medal movement award) then going on to win Champion stallion of the show! Now showing in dressage, Saphiro has an incredible work ethic. He can turn on his brio when asked, or be ridden quietly bareback by children. Saphiro is an exceptional stallion by anyone’s standards

Imported from Germany as a foal, Saphiro has proven himself a prepotent sire worldwide with quality foals now in the USA, Canada, Australia and France! He passes on his characteristics to his foals and has an incredible first cycle conception with both fresh and frozen semen.



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