Saphiro – Pedigree

Breeder: Edith Roedling-Mueller
Foaled: June 15, 1999
APSL Approved Lusitano stallion

Dardo (IALHA PSL26585)
Boneco (IALHA PSL26586)
Boneca (IALHA PSL26584)
Umbaba (IALHA PSL26587)
Alqueive (IALHA PSL29740)
Haviana (IALHA PSL26998)
Ulmeira (IALHA PSL29819)
Saphiro (IALHA 5520P)
Imperador (IALHA PSL25060)
Quimono (IALHA PSL25061)
Calabria (IALHA PSL25059)
Epoca (IALHA PSL47530)
Unicado (IALHA PSL25465)
Favoravel (IALHA PSL25456)
Favorita (IALHA PSL25455)


Saphiro is by Umbaba out of Epoca and was imported from Germany as a foal. “His lines come from the best in Portugal” stated by Francisco Bessa de Carvalho, who is Senior Rider at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, Director of Quinta da Fonta Santa and a noted breeder. Saphiro’s sire Umbaba, was ridden in dressage by Luis Valenca of the Portuguese school of equestrain art. Umbaba was also the 1983 National Champion in Portugal. Umbaba was champion from the fair in Golega in 1981 and 1982. Saphiro’s dam, Epoca, is from the noted Portuguese breeder Irmaos Olivera.

Saphiro is of mostly Veiga and Coudelaria Nacional (CN) bloodlines.

The Veiga bloodline

The Veiga bloodline produced the most genuine war horse of Ancient Lusitania. ‘Veigas’ are extremely functional and smaller than the other lineages -excellent for bullfighting. They have the typical convex head known as the “Veiga head”, flat thin legs with prominent hocks, fantastic impulsion and proud flexible necks . Manuel Veiga describes his horses as follows: “Nervous, full of gallantry, so obedient they seem to outguess the rider’s intentions; high thin head, long free-flowing manes, elevated movements and a striking agility challenging all threats and dangers with indomitable courage…”. The Veiga is a true race within the Lusitano breed and the stallions when used on mares of any other lineage have the power to transmit to the offspring the most typical characteristics of the Lusitanian race. The selection criterion was based entirely on the functional qualities, as explained by Alfredo Baptista Coelho: “…not the height, nor the academic morphology, not the color, nor the form of the head. Everything was offered by the race itself: wonderfully fine slightly convex heads today known as “Veiga head”, ancient rare colors… fine flat legs with strong hocks, flexible backs, uncommon impulsion, beautiful malleable necks… in short, the race offered [Mr. Veiga] a horse that makes our horse loving people vibrate.”

The Coudelaria Nacional (CN) Bloodline

The horses bred by the Coudelaria Nacional (CN) is of the same morphological type as the Spanish Horse of the XVIII century. This explains why most of the present and old lines of the CN are of Spanish origin – mostly descendants from the “heads of lineage” Hucharia, Primoroso and Destinado which can be found in Saphiro’s pedigree. The Coudelaria Nacional produces longer, stronger horses, with high croups that are very good for dressage and driving.

The blending of these bloodlines has produced in Saphiro a stallion that is strong, brave and incredibly kind. He retains the cat like agility of his Veiga bullfighting ancestors but is also a superb pleasure and dressage mount. Saphiro has been inspected and approved for inclusion in the Portuguese studbook (APSL).