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December 2015 FROZEN SEMEN SALE!! Mare owners in Australia may pay our contracts in AUS dollars and we will take the hit on the current exchange rate!!

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Frozen semen is available in Australia with excellent first cycle conception rates!

Lusitano Mares US$2300   ( A$ 2,904 ) Download 2015-2016 AUS Purebred Lusitano contract (433)

Other Mares US$1900   ( A$ 2,399 ) Download 2015-2016 AUS NON-Lusitano contract (324)

Stud fees are in US dollars and include the booking fee and first two breeding doses. Currency conversion is approximate and is based on the Open Exchange Rates project. Actual conversion values are subject to change, and may be affected by individual transaction surcharges and other factors.

Frequently Asked Questions – Australia

Q. Is the stud fee in Australian dollars or US dollars? How do I pay the stud fee?

The stud fee and any applicable dose fees are payable in US funds. If you are unable to provide a check in US funds, we do accept paypal with a 5% convenience charge to cover our fee. Please contact us if you would like a invoice. Shipping and related expenses will be payable directly to the semen distribution center.

Q. When will semen be available in Australia?

Saphiro’s semen is at EABS in NSW and is already being distributed to paid/contracted mare owners. The 2010-2014 Breeding seasons were a huge success!

Q. Where is the semen stored? How much is shipping?

Semen is being stored at Equine Artificial Breeding Services (EABS) in NSW. All shipping and related expenses are paid directly to EABS. You can visit their website for an up to date list of fees or contact them with your shipping questions. PLEASE NOTE: All breeding inquiries should be made to JC Andalusians, please only contact EABS for questions related to shipping. At this time, we will be handling all payments for stud and dose fees as well as handling contracts and breeding inquiries from the USA.

Q. Will Saphiro's book be limited?

Yes! We have a limited number of frozen semen doses stored in Australia. His book will be limited to retain high value for his offspring and so that we can fulfill all of our obligations for rebreeding rights with the semen we have already imported should it be needed. All mares must be approved.

Q. Has Saphiro been color tested? What color will my foal be?

Yes, Saphiro has been DNA color tested by UC Davis. A copy of the results is available upon request. His color test results are eeAACrCr. He does not carry pearl or champagne. He is a double dilute, Agouti dominant cremello. A cremello is a double dilute on a chestnut base. He CANNOT throw smoky black. If your mare has been color tested you can send us the results and we will tell you the possible colors your foal would be and the likelihood of each. On a chestnut mare, the foal will always be palomino. On a bay or black mare the foal will be a buckskin unless the mare carries and throws a red gene (resulting in a palomino foal). Mares contributing a dilute gene will result in a double dilute foal (cremello or perlino). Other modifiers contributed to the foal by the mare may affect coat color of the offspring such as grey (see below)

Q. My mare is grey. What color will the foal be?

The color of the foal will depend on the mare’s base coat, which can be determined by color testing. The same principals will apply as above. If the mare is homozygous grey (carries 2 copies of the grey modifier) then the foal’s coat will eventually grey. If the mare is heterozygous grey (carries only 1 copy of the grey modifier) then there is a 50% chance your mare will throw a foal that will grey when bred to Saphiro. Saphiro himself does not carry grey.

Q. How tall is Saphiro?

Saphiro sticks 15.3h barefoot on cement. He has a proud high-set neck and appears larger in person, so he is often mistaken to be taller than he is. He was measured at his APSL grading to be 1640mm but we feel that 15.3h is a more accurate measurement

Q. What is the recommended protocol for breeding with frozen semen?

It is recommended that the mare be checked every 6 hours approaching ovulation. When ovulation is determined to be immanent the AI technician may want to reduce check time to every 4 hours. Ideally the mare will be inseminated with a breeding dose within 6 hours pre-ovulation and/or within 4 hours post-ovulation. If breeding with one breeding dose per cycle, the mare should be bred within 4 hours post ovulation.

Q. How many straws do I get?

A sample from every collection is test thawed. The progressively motile sperm of the test thaw determines a breeding dose. Breeding doses consist of aprox 300 million progressively motile sperm post thaw. The number of straws per breeding dose may vary slightly from collection to collection but average 5-6 straws per breeding dose. It is important to always use the number of straws included in a breeding dose for the best chances of a successful pregnancy. As tempting as it may be, breaking up breeding doses may affect conception rates and will likely cost more money in the end. PLEASE DO NOT BREAK UP BREEDING DOSES!

Q. I ordered more frozen semen than I needed. May I breed additional mares or save it for future use?

Without a new or amended contract, it is illegal and a breach of contract to use frozen semen in any way other than it’s intended contracted use. To legally use extra semen you have in storage, additional stud fees must be paid on new contracts. The per dose fee is only paid once, once you have shipped breeding doses only the stud fee would need to be paid for added mare(s) or year(s). All frozen semen not used or on an open contract must be destroyed. Please be sure to read your frozen semen contract.

Have more questions? Please contact us. We are happy to talk with you!